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Thank you so much for the healing

This is what I experienced: The energy came up from the earth, and in through the bottom of my feet. It felt like it was full, warm, gentle, and very soothing. It moved slowly up through my body.

Thank you so much for the healing!

By: Ram Sharma (Owner: The Infoage Solutions )

I felt very peaceful as if a burden was lifted

Hi! I received my Healing from OMDHARA.... This was the first real healing session that I have ever consciously gotten and it was truly amazing. 

I am at the very beginning of my spiritual journey and I am unfamiliar on how to exactly explain what happened to me.  Thank you Team :)

By: Sadiya Khan (Owner: SEO Infologics)

I thank my lucky stars for that

I was emotionally devastated over a bad breakup and I was also dealing with an illness, but healing touch helped me get back on my feet again. 

By: John Martin (Business Owner )

Spiritually all the Clearings Helped me So Much

Spiritual Clearing has been an amazing experience for me. It helped me in so many ways especially my spiritual growth and understanding of myself and my higher self. It helped me shift from a lower vibration to a higher vibration every time I happen to get dis-aligned with spirit. Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, and Spiritually all the Clearings Helped me So Much!!

By: Sarabi Berti ( Traveller)

You make this world a better place

We connected very well and I felt as if I was reuniting with an old friend. During the clearing I gradually felt more and more calm and by the end of our session it felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

By: Melissa Agnew (Owner)

The happiness of being alive

A session, a debrief brings you down into a calm state a rest of the mind repairing and bringing you back into living the present moment in a stable manner. My thoughts were harmonized and cleared, my upset stomach were gone. This mystery of life brought me the happiness of being alive

By: Genevieve Daniel ( Traveller)

big thank you for your help and advice

I am a person who did not have much self-confidence and do not know how to manage his emotions and was taking antidepressants. I talked about my situation to a friend who suggested me to get help by talking with someone who could help me. I was skeptical and did not really know what to think. So I agree and since I made the switch I’m fine, I put my life in order and I no longer need these medications which I thought to help me but contrary merely to stand by me. In any case, dear madam still a big thank you for your help and advice.

By: Kristel (Digital Nomad)

greatest respect for your work and you heart

Today I connected with a great person that gave my mind, body and soul the most amazing sense of peace and tranquility, truly an amazing gift to this wonderful world we live in. I can’t explain in words how powerful our connection was today, all I know is that you are the truth. The way my higher self connected with your higher self was magical and I look forward to more sessions. I have the greatest respect for your work and you heart Thank you. Peace.

By: Robbie (Sales Head)

spiritual blocks in my quest to meet my higher self

I didn’t believe it a first but since then my spiritual path is getting better and better now. So thank you OMDHARA for your kindness, I wish much love your way and much success

By: Kit Alex ( Traveller)

"Like nothing I had ever experienced”

My session with OMDHARA was like nothing I had ever experienced. I really didn’t know what to expect. I had only decided that I would be open to it and allow whatever to come through. I was very comfortable and felt safe during the session. Ten years ago I had been hypnotized and lost my ability to visualize. During my session with Dagmar, I was able to see colors again. I was able to go within and feel deeply a particular area where I needed huge healing. The communication between us was easy and fluid. Afterwards I experienced an enormous transformation, a lifting and removal of old thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve me. I felt a change at a cellular level. The overwhelming emotions that engulfed me, where like nothing I had ever felt before; Happiness, joy and unconditional love. The healing was all encompassing. I look forward to our next session.

By: Barbara ( Traveller)

“Powerful & Transformational”

Thank you again for the wonderful session. It was very powerful and truly transformational. I am feeling much better on so many levels. I experienced some very authentic releasing during the session, and the benefits are continuing to bless me. I really appreciate your time and willingness to be of service in this way. You have helped to facilitate some very encouraging and palpable forward progress for me, as well as those I have connected with in this life. I am very enthusiastically looking forward to our next session.

By: Angela Schnaubelt (Nomad)

"I see more clearly and my actions have more meaning in my daily life"

Initially I wasn’t sure if the session did me any good. I think I was still having trouble believing that any of my stress could still be about my mother. But I began to notice a lighter feeling as the day went on and when I woke up the next morning I felt like a veil had been lifted and I now feel more at ease than I have for awhile. Thank you for your help!

By: Michelle Maricich, (CEO)

Every moment

The Yoga Teacher Training reminded me how to go on living the right way by being in union with the world, but mostly with myself. Teacher training taught me to look forward to every yoga pose, every breath, every day, every person, and every moment

By: Jess (Yoga Teacher)


After the yoga training with OMDHHARA, I felt truly transformed by what practicing and teaching yoga can do for me! Now, I can’t imagine not teaching in some way, because I’ve experienced how powerful it is to share this experience with others.

By: Melissa (Yoga Teacher)

I came away refreshed and invigorated!

It was one of the most enjoyable weeks of my life, inspiring, joyous, educational, vigorous and above all fun, wrapped up in a well thought out and planned week. I came away refreshed and invigorated!

By: Alan (Yoga Teacher )

I feel deeply grateful

“I feel deeply grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Amazing Yoga Teacher Training, facilitating a safe and nurturing environment in which everyone was appreciated and cared for.”

By: Anne (Yoga Teacher )

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